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  • learn how to sew stained glass applique - a beginners course with two designs to make

    Beginner's Stained Glass Applique

    Acquire stained glass applique skills by crafting a unique project featuring either a Sunflower or Christmas Poinsettia design. This comprehensive experience encompasses both exquisite designs for a well-rounded learning opportunity.

  • Learn to make Zentangle designs in drawing and free-motion stitching with Lee Vause

    A Zentangle Journey P2

    Discover the art of Zentangle through hands-on drawing and free-motion quilting guided by a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Dive into the creative process and explore optional wallet design as part of this immersive experience.

  • an online workshop for quilters learning how to create a color wash background and add applique to the top

    Sunflowers At Dawn

    Discover the art of choosing suitable fabrics for a color wash design, master the skill of piecing, and adeptly incorporate applique, ensuring precision in stitching with well-placed highlights.

  • Working in Series by Elizabeth Barton - an online workshop with teacher support

    Working in Series

    Seasoned art quilters enhance their craft by delving into a single subject across a series. This workshop is dedicated to the creation and refinement of a minimum of six interconnected designs for quilts.

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Downloadable Ebooks

Many of our teacher's now offer their online workshops as ebooks.

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