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  • Learn Ruth's techniques of Layered Machine Applique for a new and interesting style of quilt making creating perspective and shading

    Layered Machine Applique

    Discover Ruth's innovative methods for Layered Machine Appliqué, unlocking a fresh and captivating approach to quilt-making that incorporates perspective and shading for a truly unique style.

  • Enter the wonderful world of free motion embroidery and quilting using your vintage treadle sewing or electric sewing machine.

    My Magic Needle - the vintage way

    Master the incredible technique of free-motion embroidery and quilting alongside Marilyn Lee in "My Magic Needle" - embracing the vintage approach as you fashion a stunning handbag.

  • THREE options of construction, THREE border options, Extra quilting designs and help throughout with this best seller quilt pattern Trinity Celtic Knot

    Knot of Squares

    Choose from three construction methods, explore three border options, incorporate extra quilting designs, and receive comprehensive assistance throughout the creation of this top-selling quilt pattern.

  • Mod quilts have an elegant simplicity while improv dispense with tedious traditional construction and can lead to unexpected results!

    Mod Meets Improv

    Mod quilts boast an elegant simplicity, whereas improv quilting discards tedious traditional construction methods, often yielding surprising and unpredictable outcomes!

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Downloadable Ebooks

Many of our teacher's now offer their online workshops as ebooks so you can learn offline

  • Learn the precision of paper piecing without the tedious paper removal afterward

    Ripless Paper Piecing

    Master the art of paper piecing with precision, minus the hassle of tedious paper removal afterward.

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  • Creative awareness through journals is perfect for that leap from traditional quilter into art quilts or mixed media.

    Creative Journal Workbook 3

    Exploring creative awareness through journals provides the perfect transition from traditional quilting to the realm of art quilts or mixed media.

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  • Turn your zodiac sign into a tote or cushion or make an entire quilt of zodiac signs

    Quilt the Zodiac

    Transform your astrological sign into a stylish tote, cozy cushion, or craft an entire quilt featuring the entire zodiac!

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  • Add paint to cloth background for impressionist landscapes

    Painted Landscapes for Quiltmaking

    Enhance your fabric backgrounds with a touch of painterly brilliance! Elevate your impressionist landscapes by incorporating paint onto cloth canvases.

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