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Mod Meets Improv

Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction

With: Elizabeth Barton
Skill Level: All Levels

Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction

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5 Lessons
Type: Scheduled
Price: $52.00 or $66.00
Start Date: 25 Oct 2019

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Tags: Modern Quilt, Improv Methods, quilting, quilts, art quilts, abstract art, quilt design, modern quilts, improvisation, improv quilts


Lots of ideas for you to make, lots of ways for you to create your own designs, no fussy templates or piecing!

Modern quilts are fun – they’re quick and easy to make, but also have an elegant simplicity in keeping with the contemporary look.

Improv methods dispense with tedious traditional methods of construction and can lead to fun unexpected results!

Written for all levels - even if you've never quilted before! Yet there is enough challenge that even the more experienced quilter will want to join in AND those longing to get out of the traditional rut!

Supplies Required for Workshop

Access to internet.

Computer, printer, digital camera.

Paper, ruler, pencils of different grades e.g. B, 3B and 6B (or similar)

Coloring tools: crayons, felt tips, watercolors…anything like that.

Fabric: NOTE - This is only a guide up front, amounts will vary depending on the designs and projects you decide to make.

  • Lots! But especially a yard each of several solids: nice clear, bold colors, but also black, light grey, medium grey and white. These can be commercial or hand dyed. 
  • Also have a yard each of: a stripe, a plaid, a large floral.

Usual sewing tools including sewing machine, thread, new needles, pins, rotary cutter and cutting board, long ruler (a good T square is ideal).

Batting and fabric for quilt backs.


Five lessons - in each lesson Elizabeth will give you several designs with instructions on how to make them. But more interestingly, then she will give you instructions on how to create five more designs using similar principles to those she used, except for the first class (she doesn't want to overwhelm you!) where she will just give instructions for one design. By the end of the fourth lesson you should, therefore, have at least 36 designs that you can make…plus several quilt tops completed!

In the last lesson, Elizabeth will describe simple ways to sandwich, baste, quilt and finish your quilts. 

There will be a week space between lessons 4 and 5.

Each lesson will have a technical section, a design section, and several designs created for you.

Lesson 1: Definitions and history of Modern Quilts.

  • Strips.
  • Construction: sizing, cutting, piecing.
  • Designs using strips. five given, one for you to design.

Lesson 2: Define improvisation.

  • Improv stripes, squares, grids.
  • Color schemes.

Lesson 3:

  • Riffs on traditional blocks.
  • The power of negative space.

Lesson 4:

  • Motifs.
  • Curves.
  • Finding inspiration.
  • Rhythm and its importance.

Lesson 5:

  • Finding inspiration – more possibilities – e.g. fabric
  • Basting, quilting, finishing.

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