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Questions and Answers

Do I need a paypal account to register for a class?

How do online classes work?

What does Scheduled Class mean?

What does On-demand class mean?

What does Extended Forum mean?

What does Time Sensitive mean?

Do all Workshops have a Forum to ask the teacher questions?

Prices - currency

How can I put my quilts in the gallery?

Can I preview an example of information contained in the lessons?

Does the Academy have a Newsletter?

Do I need any special computer programs to take your online classes?

Do you offer refunds?

My country uses the metric system. Can I still take these classes even though they are in inches?

Is there a limit on how many times I can log into a class or use the password?

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay for my class?

Do you accept other methods of payment?

What happens if I am not available when the class starts or the first lesson opens?

Is there a minimum attendance for online classes?

I entered my password into the sign in box but it didn’t log me in. What should I do?

I have logged into the class but the Lessons are not open. What is wrong?

Are there any special instructions for printing templates so they print to the right size?

Do your classrooms have a spell check facility?

I was late entering the classroom and the class is already starting lesson two. Can I still ask questions pertaining to lesson one?