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Author Topic: lesson 1 using brother machine 3266 Views
  • lesson 1 using brother machine Link to this post

    Just got round to stitching out my design. Had hand operation!

    I haven't used the embroidery side much before. Did free embroidery and utility stitch work.
    Today I could not get out of the editing of a design How do you do this on a Brother inovi is?

    I stitched out 2. The first wrinkled all though it was taut. It also missed areas of the pattern. Once it stopped and on other occasions carried on stitching. I did not know how to go back stitches. I think I found out during the second stitch out but on at least 1 occasion I could not use the button as it was greyed out,

  • Re: lesson 1 using brother machine Link to this post

    Hi Lesley, looks like you may have meant for this message to be seen by your teacher, but instead you have written it in the general discussion area where your teacher won't see it. Please use the class forum which you will find in the class menu bar (located under the name of the class). If you need more help, please email us at aoq@academyofquilting.com

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