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Author Topic: Quilt University 1687 Views
  • Quilt University Link to this post

    How do I access my classes from Quilt University?
    I have taken 4 classes in 2013 and I would like to view them.

    EQ7 Sampler with Fran Gonzalez 7/13/2013
    EQ7 Advanced Layouts F. Gonzalez 9/20/2013
    EQ7 Building Blocks Fran Gonzalez Aug 23 2013
    Starting from Scratch Carol Miller Sep 27 2013

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    Hi Barbara, Unfortunately, we do not have access to classes you took at Quilt University. We did not take over Quilt University and are a separate entity, however we were fortunate that many of the teachers who taught there, came to us when it closed. For you to gain any access to any of the classes you purchased through Quilt University, you would need to contact the teachers individually. Fran Gonzalez does not teach with us so we don't have contact details for her and Carol passed away so her class would not be available in any case. Unfortunately, this is not very helpful for you.

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    Hi, Thank you for your help.


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