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This forum is for any general quilting discussion. If you have questions about the Academy, email us for a faster response or other students may be able to help you.

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Author Topic: applique 2601 Views
  • applique Link to this post

    so basically I just sew everything on top of everything it seems. it seems quite easy. the cut edge could potentially unravel and be shabby, but that could be a charming element. you basically just sew one thing on top of another thing? is that the general concept???.. do you have a photo of your finished top piece? thanks

  • Re: applique Link to this post

    Janet, please note you are posting in the general forum, not your classroom. Your teacher doesn't see messages here unfortunately. Please post in your classroom. Thanks.

  • Re: applique Link to this post

    I hit the student forum key as you directed me to do before. I am logged into my classroom.
    I don't know what else to do. I can't forward you a screenshot because you are not set up for that. send me a link to where I am supposed to ask the question. but from my position I followed your original instructions which was to go to student forum, which I believe you relableled. please send the instructor my question. thanks
    janet . since I don't have much time left, which is extremely unusual for online classes. I think it is urgent for me to get the response.

  • Re: applique Link to this post

    Janet, looks like you found the class forum, I see a message in there from you. I have forward your message to the teacher anyway so look for her response in the classroom.

    Many online classes are scheduled classes. This gives the student and teacher time to work together like in a typical live classroom. You can also download all the information so you can continue with it after class closes. We do have on-demand classes too which remain open but no open forum where you can work with other students and the teacher.

    What operating system are you using? Most are capable of doing screenshots.

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