Logging In

We are updating our Classrooms! Thank you for your patience as we make this transition. 

Anyone registering a User Account after 31st August 2017 can go directly to the new system link and log in with the password they set at time of registration.

Where will I find my workshop? Use the New System log in if you recently purchased a workshop that will start after August 18th. If you are currently in a workshop that started prior to August 18, it is likely that it is still in our old system so use the old system login. Most on-demand workshops are in the new system.

If you cannot find your workshop, please email us at aoq@academyofquilting and we will help you. Do make sure you have our email in your contact list so you don't miss our reply.

For logging in please use the following links:

For the New System:

On the first time entering this system, please use the temporary password below and log into the following link

Login Link: Enter My Workshop List

Temporary Password: academy

Once you have successfully logged in, go to My Profile and reset your password for our new system. You will find the workshop entry link on the Workshops tab.

Tip: if you have multiple workshops running in both old and new systems, use the same password for both.

For the Old System

Use this form to log into the old system:

Remember me?

Note: Both systems have unique passwords so a new system password will not work in the old system unless they are the same.

If you have any problems at all logging in or finding your workshop, please contact us aoq@academyofquilting.com