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Free Online Class


"Where did you get the Tablet Cover"

This has been what strangers in the street have been asking!

Make a cover like this to fit your tablet or make one of the popular bookcovers

Not only is a tablet cover unique and stylish, it also protects your tablet.

And.... well, after reading an article about how nickle is one of the most allergy-inducing metals and many of our device including tablets, laptops and cell phones contain nickle, it got me thinking that a cover could also protect you and me!

I've had a lot of fun making a number of tablet covers and book covers to give away to friends while I test different ideas. Now I'm ready to show you how to make one of your own.

The whole class has been updated!

The book cover class has been available for some time, but now it is much improved with the addition of the tablet cover, video learning and my very own special free-motion applique techniques.

All you need to do is register here to receive information about how you can make your own unique Tablet cover or Book cover.

Some of the designs included in this free online class are shown below. Make one for yourself  from my free templates or use your own applique design. A patchwork block will work too!

What a beautiful gift these make for everyone.

Come on and join me, let's get started!   


PS: many quilters love making these as Bible covers.

note pad

journal book

7" tablet cover

floral book cover

gift card pocket inside cover

copper and teal leaf design Tablet cover

my fuchsia design cover for 9.7" tablet

inside of tablet cover