Class Details for Digitizing Feathers and Flowers

Number of Lessons: 5
Price: US$ 50.00
Tutor: Joanne Winn
Start Date: 9 March 2018
Weeks Open: 6.5

Have you reached the time and place in your quilting where you are ready to design and digitize your own quilting designs? This class is for you! It is all about drawing and digitizing original quilting designs. Joanne will show you how to change the size and orientation of your feathers and how to mark your fabric to apply them in just the right place. You will get experience using Auto Digitizing, Embroidery Canvas and the new Corel Essentials 4 software that is embedded in your machine.

Please note that this class is written specifically for the V6 Bernina Artista Designer Plus software. Owners with other software are welcome to take the class as long as they are knowledgeable and comfortable with their own software. Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

As a special bonus when you sign up for Joanne's class you will receive a FREE poinsettia embroidery design. The design is offered in any domestic home embroidery machine format. It looks great on Christmas sweatshirts, tee shirts, linens, tablerunners, potholders, mug rugs.

Supplies and Outline

Lessons One and Two will teach you about Auto Digitizing and also using the new Corel Essentials 4 software that was added with V6, right in the software.  You can easily switch back and forth between Embroidery Canvas and Art Canvas. 

Lesson Three shows you how to use the Freehand Drawing tool in Art Canvas. 

In Lesson Four you will draw and digitize a traditional feather design, some simple designs that do not take very long to stitch out and scan them into your computer to use as backdrops.  Long arm quilters call these bread and butter designs.

Lesson Five teaches you how to draw and then digitize a large Elegant Feather Design. Instructions for stitching out the designs in the Jumbo Hoop as well as showing you how to break the designs up into smaller designs to be stitched in the Large Oval Hoop are included.

This will open a whole new experience for you to use your software and design your own original designs.


Embroidery software - All instructions and photos used for this class use Bernina Artista V6 Designer Plus software.  Other software owners are welcome to take the class but my expertise is with the Bernina software.

If you own other software and feel that you would like to join us and see what you can do in your software, you are welcome to come to class.  The Bernina software has Corel Essentials 4 incorporated into the software with V6.  You would not be able to do that in other embroidery software but if you have Corel Draw or other graphics program, you may be able to find a workaround.  Instructions for such adjustments will not be included in this class. Previous versions of Bernina Artista software would not have these functions.

  • Pencils - #2 or Bic mechanical pencil #2 Medium lead 0.7
  • Paper and freezer paper
  • Erasers - the erasers on the end of the Bic pencils work great.  I also like Helix Professional erasers

Other items that are nice to have but not necessary for this class:

  • Anita Shackelford's Feather Template
  • Curvex Flexible Curve - mine is 32".  I think you would want at least a 24".  The hard plastic ones do not work well.


Lesson One

  • discuss copyright
  • discuss bitmaps and vector graphics
  • explore Corel Essentials 4 Art Canvas
  • digitize quilting designs using Auto Digitizer
  • digitize quilting designs using the Wreath and the Kaleidoscope tools

Lesson Two

  • copy the Corel Draw Essentials 4 Clipart Folder to make it easier to use
  • use the freehand drawing tool in Art Canvas
  • edit the design in Art Canvas
  • convert a vector drawing to an embroidery (quilting design)
  • edit the embroidery quilting design
  • add stipple quilting to the design
  • edit the stipple quilting

Lesson Three

  • discuss pathing
  • discuss backtracking and node editing
  • use a WMF graphic as the backdrop to manually digitize a quilting design
  • turn a quilting design into a vector graphic

Lesson Four

  • discuss tools for drawing original quilting designs
  • learn how to scan your drawing to use as a backdrop
  • draw several different feather quilting designs with a pencil on paper
  • manually digitize these drawings

Lesson Five

  • discuss how to design and digitize quilting designs for a specific place or area in a quilt
  • fill an object with feathers
  • draw a large, elegant feather design
  • digitize this elegant feather design for the Jumbo and Mega Hoops
  • digitize and divide this design to be stitched out in the Large Oval Hoop
  • step by step instructions on how to stitch this large elegant feather quilting design