Class Details for UFO Roundtable with Marilyn Belford

Number of Lessons: 0
Price: US$ 40.00
Tutor: Marilyn Belford
On Demand: Start anytime
Weeks Open: 10

NOTE: This course runs for a 10 week period starting when you sign up or your own designated date.

Now is the time to let your UFO’s fly! Get them out of the closet and join the Roundtable with Marilyn Belford and co-leader Ruth Blanchet. Now you have the opportunity to seek the advice of not one, but two well-known and experienced quilt teachers to help you in any aspect of quilting.

If you need help with unfinished projects or are stuck and are not sure how to complete your quilt, let Marilyn and Ruth help you… join the others at the Roundtable to finally get your quilt completed. There will be a full forum for posting, and plenty of good discussion and advice.

Supplies and Outline