Class Details for More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers

Number of Lessons: 5
Price: US$ 50.00
Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
Start Date: 5 January 2018
Weeks Open: 7.5

Intrigued by abstract art? But don’t know where to begin even thinking about it? How and why abstract art, in all its varieties, was developed is fascinating. And there are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field! Let’s dig in and see what we can glean.

This class is parallel to my Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class. They deal with the subject in different ways. More Abstract Art looks at the history and the popular abstract painters we know. Abstract Art for Quiltmakers focuses particularly on the contributions made by female abstract artists.

Each class has several exercises per lesson that will help you develop your own abstract art quilt designs. Take one class – if you love it, and I hope you do (!), then take the other one!

Supplies and Outline

This course does not require any particular supplies, nothing that is not already in your studio.

Computer and access to the internet.

Photo-imaging software, such as Photoshop Essentials (PSE) or GIMP



Pen, paper (white, black, mid tones any color), pencil.

Paper scissors

Usual sewing supplies: cutter, pins, fabric, sewing machine etc.

Above all: an open mind and curiosity!