Class Details for EQ7 - The Next Step

Number of Lessons: 4
Price: US$ 40.00
Tutor: Shirley Goodwin
Start Date: 9 February 2018
Weeks Open: 6.5

Features in This Workshop

  • A scheduled class
  • One-to-one Teacher guidance & help for questions and answers
  • Downloadable class information
  • Text, Images and videos
  • A Design Class
  • Is Computer based

Now that you have a working knowledge of EQ7, let Shirley show you how to fully utilize the powerful drawing tools to create complex pieced and appliqué blocks, motifs and stencils. You will learn how to edit, resize, rotate, clone, partition and flip your designs. Shirley will also show you how to create quilt designs that combine both pieced and appliqué blocks and you will learn how to experiment with EQ7‘s wide range of printing options, design custom layouts and work with the exciting new Serendipity feature. This workshop follows on from EQ7 Beginners’ Patchwork, and is the second in the EQ series. It is recommended that you have completed the Beginners’ workshop before undertaking this one. By the end of this class, you should feel confident to make any type of pieced or appliqué block, and be comfortable with all the drawing and printing tools.

Supplies and Outline

Electric Quilt version 7.

Also suitable for students with earlier versions of Electric Quilt,  certain new features on EQ7 that are covered by this course may not be available in earlier versions.

Fabrics if you wish to make the projects created in Electric quilt - amounts determined in class.