Class Details for Tools of the Trade

Number of Lessons: 4
Price: US$ 40.00
Tutor: Chris Pascuzzi
On Demand: Start anytime

Features in This Workshop

  • An on-demand class
  • Message Boards for questions and answers
  • Downloadable class information
  • Text & images only
  • Has mixed Techniques
  • Practice using the various accessories for your sewing machine

Do you know how to use your sewing machine for anything other than straight stitching? Can you use all of the presser feet that are available for your machine? Do you know which needle to use with which thread? This class will answer your questions and help you learn to use your machine to its fullest, from the latest top of the line model to Grandma's hand-me-down! You will create samples of many popular techniques using both standard and optional sewing machine attachments. Chris will give you lots of ideas for interesting ways to incorporate what you have learned into your current work. This is not a project class. All skill levels.

Supplies and Outline

Sewing Machine (in good working order)

  • sewing machine manual
  • at least 6 empty bobbins
  • extra bobbin case (front loading machines only)

Presser Feet

We will be going over the uses for all the feet listed below.  Many of them are standard with your machine.  If you do not already own them, you might be able to borrow the proper foot for your machine from a friend with a similar model.  We are not suggesting that you must purchase any feet.

  • standard or all purpose foot
  • embroidery foot
  • blind hem foot
  • walking foot
  • free motion or darning foot
  • cording foot
  • pintuck foot
  • gathering foot


  • Size 80/12 universal needles
  • Size 75/11 and/or 90/14 embroidery needles
  • Metallic needle
  • Size 90 Topstitch needles
  • At least 1 double needle
  • Wing needle 100/16 and/or 120/19

Fabrics and Stabilizers

  • 10 yards of 8" wide white medium weight stabilizer *
  • 1 yard of heavyweight stabilizer such as Peltex or Fast2Fuse
  • EIGHT 9" x 11" pieces of lightweight cotton or polyester batting
  • SIXTEEN 9" x 11" pieces solid or almost solid colored quilting cotton
  • 1/4 yard white cotton organdy for wing needle work
  • 1/4 yard batiste or lightweight broadcloth for wing needle work

*you can buy prepackaged rolls at most sewing machine dealers


  • Mettler 100/3 all purpose polyester or Mettler 50/3 silk finish cotton in medium color like sky blue or rose (no black or white)
  • YLI Wonder Thread in clear
  • bobbin thread
  • assortment of 40 weight rayon and metallic thread
  • 30 weight threads (Jeans Stitch, Cordonnet)
  • heavy threads such as Candlelight, Pearl Crown Rayon
  • yarns and ribbon for couching

Both and have a great selection of threads and embellishments.


Lesson One

  • all purpose foot
  • embroidery foot
  • blind hem foot
  • free motion foot
  • proper stitch settings and tension

Lesson Two

  • lightweight decorative threads
  • heavy decorative threads
  • walking foot

Lesson Three

  • bobbin work
  • marking techniques for bobbin work
  • use of couching or cording foot
  • invisible couching
  • decorative couching

Lesson Four

  • double and triple needles
  • wing needles
  • pintuck foot
  • gathering foot